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What We Do

Your staff is the heart of your business. With the right people, and the size workforce that you need, your business can thrive. Whether your needs are temporary for a project or busy season, or you require a unique permanent employee, Prairie Staffing can develop a custom staffing solution to help fill the gaps with the right people to make your company succeed.


Prairie Staffing is an agency led by 20+ years of staffing solutions experience, and has worked with a wide variety of industries and professions. From production staff to information technology professionals, and more, Prairie Staffing has the expertise to fill the need.

Work With Us

Our goal is to understand your staffing objectives and help your business meet them. Contact us today to learn more about our easy to understand service. It as little as a day from initial contact to start receiving screened and qualified candidates to meet your needs, and our service is customizable because your business is unique.


Take action; call Jason at 608-512-6957 or email.

Practice Areas
  • Office/Administrative

  • Professional/Technical

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Information Technology

  • General Labor/Manufacturing

  • Skilled Trades

  • And More!

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